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  • Spring is a time of renewal and fresh beginnings, and a chance to purge the old and usher in the new. So why not do just that when it comes to your resume? Whether you need a touch up or a complete makeover, dusting off your resume and adding it to your spring cleaning list is a great way to prepare for your next career opportunity.

  • If you feel frustrated by your job search (e.g., it’s taking too long, you are getting super close but no offers, there are few bites on your resume), you might need to get some mojo back.

  • Job hunting. It can be one of the single most challenging, and downright infuriating, necessities that comes with having a career. What’s even more frustrating? The number of times we can expect to CHANGE jobs during our lifetimes — whether we want to or not.

    Building your personal brand can be the difference between surviving organizational change with your employer and failing to make the cut. Or, if you’re looking outside your current walls, between landing a new role and losing it to your competitor.

  • Imagine getting on the elevator in the lobby where you work. To your surprise, the CEO steps into the elevator as the doors begin to close. What do you do? Put your head down? Throw on your invisibility cloak? Or do something even more crazy like… speak?

    Sometimes we create an opportunity for career growth, like successfully getting an interview for a job. Other times an opportunity might present itself unexpectedly, like someone important to our career stepping onto an elevator as we ride to the 8th floor together.

  • Resumes. They are one of the most frustrating things to write – and one of the most confounding things to get right. Did I use the correct words? Did I capture my skills well? Do I even sound interesting enough for someone to hire me?

    For as long as resumes continue to be requested by employers (and just who is that phantom behind the curtain looking at those resumes? A robot? A human? A combination of the two?), we will continue to send ours along, trying to beat out hundreds of others to win that job.

  • One of the top qualities hiring managers are looking for today is your ability to work harmoniously with others. Call it a positive attitude, an agreeable personality, or simply: Are you a likeable person? This, believe it or not, is constantly being evaluated by potential employers and colleagues as they assess your candidacy for a job.

    When things are looking up during your job search, it can be effortless to exude likeability. And that is true of life; when things are going well, people around us respond positively to that.



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