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Tra'verse (v.) To travel, or pass across, over, or through


Traversing one’s career in today’s climate of constant change can be a challenge to navigate. That’s where we come in.

We are career navigation experts, coaching professionals from the newly minted to seasoned executives on how to drive their own career success and enjoy greater professional and personal fulfillment. We also work with employers to create innovative career management solutions that retain top talent, create a more self-sufficient workforce, and increase profitability.

Our approach to coaching starts with the philosophy that each of us is equipped with a unique set of skills and strengths—and that everyone deserves to love what they do for a living. Start taking charge of your career today!

HOW WE HELPIndividuals

Choose us for expert, highly personalized support for professional challenges ranging from the straightforward, like revising a resume, to the complex, like conducting a career transition.

Let us help you build your personal brand so you know what it feels like to bring your authentic self to what you do for a living. We want to empower you to take charge of your career, and create long-lasting career success.

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HOW WE HELPEmployers

Hire us to strengthen the performance of your top talent through one-on-one coaching so you retain valuable employees.

Bring us in to teach your employees how to become more actively engaged and accountable for their own career success through our dynamic career management workshops. Choose us to give your departing employees the personalized support and expertise they need to find a new job.

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meet ellen

EBD headshot2014Ellen B. Dunagan is the Founder and President of Traverse Career Solutions, LLC. She is a recognized expert in career management as well as a sought-after coach and facilitator. An entrepreneur at heart, Ellen launched her company to fulfill her passion for helping people discover and enjoy greater career happiness—something she has relentlessly pursued herself.

Ellen began her career onboarding new lawyers at a large Washington, DC, law firm. There she excelled at guiding associates through challenges on the road to partnership, motivating them to take charge of their career success by marketing their accomplishments, building powerful internal and external networks, and becoming more visible.

From there, Ellen enjoyed a series of Human Resources leadership roles within a variety of industries including technology firms and government contractors. During her tenure in HR, she coached employees on how to map their careers more successfully and guided executives on adopting a coaching-based approach to developing employees. Ellen’s innovative solutions to recruiting and retaining talent, combined with her coaching-approach to employee needs and workplace change, were recognized by organizational leaders as she brought transformational change to the HR function. This collective experience gave her a deep appreciation for the dual nature of HR—representing a business’s interests while also advocating for its employees—and she considers her HR expertise a linchpin to her own success as a career coach.

Ellen has an M.S. in Counseling and Psychological Services with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She pursued her M.S. after wandering from job to job with no clear path, just like many new college graduates today. The years she spent “temping” within a variety of organizations across a wide range of industries gave Ellen a glimpse of what she was meant to do: contribute to transformational organizational change by helping employees map and drive career success—and helping organizations successfully retain their hard-won talent.

A busy mom with three children, Ellen loves her work and her life, pursuing both to the fullest—although imperfectly at times (a modern-day challenge she shares with many clients)!



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